7 Best Halloween Purchases To Make at Target

2022-10-09 06:46:58 By : Ms. Tracy Lei

‘Tis the season for all things spooky, and Target is fully stocked with Halloween supplies. Not only will you find a variety of seasonal items at this big-box retailer, but you can also get some great deals.

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From decorative throw pillows to carvable fake pumpkins, here are the seven best Halloween purchases to make at Target right now.

“Target is currently offering Halloween-themed throw pillows for $10 each, while Kohl’s offers a few options priced at $14.39,” said Rebecca Gramuglia, consumer expert at TopCashback. “By shopping at Target, you can still indulge in the spooky-themed decor for the season and save a few bucks at the same time.”

“Target is currently offering eight-packs of mini pumpkin sculptures for $5 in various color options (white, orange, multicolored, etc.),” Gramuglia said. “Hobby Lobby, on the other hand, offers a comparable 4-pack of pumpkin sculptures for $2.99 (or $5.98 for 8), but in one color option. By shopping at Target, you’re getting a choice of style along with close to $1 in savings for the same amount of product, which could add up if you buy multiple packs.”

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“If Halloween-themed lighting is on your shopping list, Target offers 100-count string lights for $5 total, while Walmart’s comparable, 100-bulb option is $32.48,” said Gramuglia. “When it comes to lighting, shopping at Target saves you over $25.”

“Target already has reasonable prices, but they’re currently running a buy one, get 50% off a second deal on Halloween costumes,” said consumer analyst Julie Ramhold with DealNews. “It includes items for every age from babies right up through adults so you can shop for the whole family right now if you want and save.”

And if you thinking you’re going to get a better deal on single costumes at Walmart, you might be surprised. A Minecraft Boys Deluxe Steve Costume is $29.97 at Walmart, but you can get it for $25 at Target if you purchase online.

“Target has a ton of different options for Halloween candy, and they also have pretty great prices,” Ramhold said. “For instance, a bag of 80 fun-size candy bars in Baby Ruth, 100 Grand, Butterfinger, and Crunch flavors is about $10.99, or roughly 14 cents per bar. Watch for things like jumbo bags of Reese’s snack size pumpkins to go for around $5.99, too, but note that you may not be able to have those shipped if you’re shopping online. However, if you opt for pickup, you may be eligible for same-day pickup savings, a perk that Target offers frequently, so be sure to check online before you head to the store.”

At Walmart, a 60-count fun-size bag of Butterfinger, CRUNCH, Baby Ruth and 100 Grand, which is 20 pieces less than Target’s offering, costs $1.31 more.

“Target has a wide variety of games for as little as $5, so think things like Halloween-themed bean bag toss games, mummy bowling, witch hat ring toss, pin the skeleton game, Halloween bingo, tic-tac-toe and even dice games with spooky activities like ‘howl like a werewolf’,” said Ramhold. “While prices start at $5, some games will run about $10, but that’s still a decent value for simple games you can play with a number of ages at a family Halloween party.”

On Amazon, Halloween games start at $5.79, and there doesn’t seem to be the variety that Target offers.

“If you’re balking at the price of real pumpkins or having trouble finding them in your area this year, Target has a good alternative in their Hyde & EEK! faux carvable ones,” Ramhold said. “A 13-inch pumpkin goes for $15 while a 9-inch pumpkin is $10. On the surface, these are definitely more expensive than the $5-$7 you may pay for a real pumpkin elsewhere but the good thing about these fake ones is that they will ostensibly last multiple years as long as you store them well after Halloween. So in the long run, it can be a more cost-effective measure than purchasing real pumpkins that then have to be tossed out after the holiday.”

A 9-inch foam carvable pumpkin costs over $17 on Amazon, or roughly $7 more than the price Target is offering. [7]

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